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GV Face: What Ever Happened to Iran's Bloggers?

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Citizen Media, Politics, GV Face

In the early days of blogging, Iran's reformist bloggers were widely celebrated in international media. The country was youthful, internet savvy and early to innovate with online political dialogue. Lately, things are more quiet. Iran is famously heavy handed when it comes to censorship and repression. Have Persian bloggers been silenced? Or is what appears to be a gradual decline in blogging simply because of social media and changing norms?

Writers of a new report by the Annenberg School’s Iran Media Program, “Whither Blogestan: Evaluating Shifts in Persian Cyberspace” [1] (PDF [2]) join Global Voices on GV Face this week to discuss their findings.

Arash Kamangir [3] and Laurent Giacobino [4] talk to Solana Larsen [5].