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Censorship Forces Navalny to Abandon LiveJournal

Written by Andrey Tselikov On 11 April 2014 @ 7:55 am | 1 Comment

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Images remixed by Andrey Tselikov.

Images remixed by Andrey Tselikov.

Russia's most famous blogger (or as he describes himself: “corruption fighter, son, husband, father”) has been forced to move away from LiveJournal, the popular blogging platform that launched him to fame in the first place. As a result of government mandated censorship [1] [Global Voices report], and notwithstanding attempts to counteract such censorship [2] [Global Voices report], Alexey Navalny's team has started a new standalone blog, navalny.com [3] [ru]. Because Navalny is still under house arrest, the blog is technically run by his wife. According to the first post [4] [ru], this blog is an attempt to create a clean slate with Russia's Internet regulators, who claim that Navalny's old blog contains calls for unlawful rallies. At this point, Navalny's LiveJournal account [5] [ru] has stopped updating with original content — it simply links to new posts on navalny.com.

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