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France, the Czech Republic and Greece Under Scrutiny for Their Treatment of Roma Community

Categories: Western Europe, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Citizen Media, Ethnicity & Race
On International Romani Day [1] (April 8) the French branch of Amnesty International wrote a statement entitled “Facing a spiral of violence, the Roma of Europe are demanding justice and protection”. The statement is especially critical of the treatment of the Roma community in France, the Czech Republic and Greece [2] [fr]:
Les gouvernements, dans toute l’Europe, manquent à leur devoir envers les Roms de multiples façons. Les discriminations, les expulsions forcées et l'accès à une éducation de moindre qualité sont la norme dans de nombreux pays.

Governments across Europe are failing in their duties towards the Roma community in many ways. Discrimination, forced evictions and limited access to quality education are the norm in many countries. 

An exhibition called Dignity in Strasbourg [3] [fr] can be found on Facebook that displays photos of the community that links dignity, human rights and poverty.