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Analyzing Election Results in El Salvador

Categories: Latin America, El Salvador, Elections, Politics

On the blog on World Policy [1] website, author Jamie Stark analyzes [2] the March 9, 2014 election results [3]:

A recount confirmed a thin margin for the governing left-leaning [Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front] F.M.L.N. [4] by 6,000 votes of the nearly 3 million ballots cast. Arena [5] [Nationalist Republican Alliance] claimed the winners had a biased bureaucracy to benefit a ruling class – an old allegation from the former F.M.L.N. rebels. […] But Arena’s commercials, speeches and legal accusations of electoral fraud cast a shadow of doubt over the next presidency before it even begins.


Just 22 years out from the Civil War [6], searing political partisanship no longer begets violence. Peace has triumphed over threatening echoes from the past.