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“It's a Girl”: Campaign Against infanticide Feminicide in India and China

Categories: East Asia, South Asia, China, India, Human Rights, Women & Gender

The website MujeresMundi, directed by Peruvian Belgium-based communication specialist Xaviera Medina, is involved with the awareness campaign It's a girl [1] against infanticide feminicide in India and China:

Girls are killed in a gendercide routine in any one decade than people were slaughtered in all the genocides of the twentieth century. Incredibly, however the issues involved have barely registered the attention of the international community. How to explain the strange silence in the face of the biggest human right issue?

The piece includes an interview with Evan Grae Davis [2], producer of the documentary film l It's a girl! [3], who says “I wouldn’t have consider myself as an activist until I started to produce and direct It’s a Girl”.