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Top 10 Russian-Language Tweets, Week 14 of 2014

Written by Andrey Tselikov On 5 April 2014 @ 19:39 pm | 2 Comments

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Top tweets in the Russian twittersphere. Images mixed by Kevin Rothrock.

Top tweets in the Russian twittersphere. Images mixed by Kevin Rothrock.

RuNet Echo continues its new series on trends in the RuNet Twittersphere. At the end of each week, RuNet Echo will be collecting top ten Russian-language tweets and curating them for Global Voices readers. Our selections are based on Tjournal.ru's “best tweets” algorithm, available and updated in realtime here [1].

#10 — A slam against McDonald's, which closed shop in Crimea.

Instead of McDonald's, we will open a different chain of free bathrooms near the Simpheropol train station. #Aksenov

#9 — Social networks help search for missing person.

Please retweet!

#8 — Overheard.

That feeling when your parents gave birth to you to clean the house.

#7 — TV personality speaks against “information warfare.”

Came back from KIEV, full of delight. Turned on the TV: the same depressing lies. This unapologetic horror is called INFORMATION WARFARE.

#6 — VKontakte founder Pavel Durov gloating over his successful April Fools’ prank [8] [Global Voices report].

Everyone who thought that I would voluntarily resign [as CEO -ed.], happy belated April Fools’ Day.

#5 — Alexey Navalny isn't happy that Gasprom spends more money paying CEO Alexey Miller than on operations in Voronezh Region.

I wish [polling organization] VTsIOM asked our dear countrymen what they think of this. “99% for immediate execution by firing squad” wouldn't surprise me

#4 — Alexey Navalny posts instructions for circumventing Internet censorship.

Repost these instructions please. Every repost pains RosComCensorship. http://t.co/DXuuGzEHPC [13] Mirror: http://t.co/TIAGC7E9Hk [14]

#3 — Actor speaks about plight of ethnic Armenians in Kessab, Syria.

It hasn't even been 40 days since the tragedy on Ukraine's Maidan Square, and the world faces more sorrow… Tragedy in Kessab… We mourn with the Armenian people!

#2 — Alexey Navalny links to his blog post explaining how US sanctions work. Illustrated with photo of Alexey Miller and Igor Sechin.

To understand how US sanctions against Russia work. Blog: http://t.co/O9laDEsOF0 [17] Mirror: http://t.co/Up3d3JfZBH [18]

#1. Overheard.

I'd like to be able to “clear the brain cache” before going to sleep. 

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