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Powerful Earthquake Hits Northern Chile Triggering Tsunami Evacuation

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A strong 8.2 earthquake [1]hit northern Chile at 20:46 and generated a tsunami that triggered the alarms across the country as this video shows:


The epicenter was located 89kms Southeast of Cuya, in front of Tarapaca's coast.

Map: Epicenter of the 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Northern Chile

The government asked for an immediate evacuation of the entire coastline as the first waves [4] hit Iquique.

In this Storify collection [5] by Nacion.cl, there are several pictures of people moving to higher ground and some damages caused by the earthquake. 

Some Twitter users shared important information, including the government's Emergency National Office (ONEMI) [6]:

During a Tsunami Alert, evacuate by foot and go the nearest meeting point.

Don't forget your pets, they should be evacuated with you. Please #AlertaTsunami #Tsunami #Terremoto [earthquake] #Iquique #Arica

Others compared the government's response to the one during a major earthquake in 2010:

They learned from their mistakes: tsunami alert, evacuation and the army to the streets. Finally, they put their pants on.

This is a developing story, watch this space for more details.