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South Sudan Military Intelligence Chief Denies Attempted Coup

Written by Ndesanjo Macha On 29 March 2014 @ 2:58 am | 1 Comment

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The chief of military intelligence for South Sudan denies that there was an attempted coup there on December 15, 2013.

PaanLuel Wel reports [1]:

Reports from Juba have it that the head of military intelligence, Gen. Mac Paul Kuol Awar, has rubbished the alleged coup attempt of December 15, 2013. Mac Paul was called as a government witness to testify against the detained 4 political prisoners (Pagan, Oyai, Majak and Gatkuoth) who are arraigned in court, charged with treason.

Ironically, the Director of military intelligence, who was called to back up government’s assertion that there was a coup, came out strongly arguing that there was no such thing as a coup. Instead, he said, it was a misunderstanding among the soldiers of Tiger Battalion, which was then mishandled till it escalated into a countrywide rebellion.

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