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The “Happy Voting” Project Encourages Young Europeans to Vote

Written by Marie BohnerTranslated by Lova Rakotomalala On 28 March 2014 @ 10:29 am | No Comments

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Drawing on the Pharrell Williams worldwide hit “Happy” and the associated equally renown music video [1] (over 143 million views on YouTube), the Brussels-based film company Full Tunes Production [2]has recently launched on facebook an enthusiastic project  called “Happy Voting [3]” that strives to encourage voting for the next European elections.

The project can also be found on their website [4] and on twitter (@HappyVoting [5]).

Because of  the economic and financial crisis [6] that undermines consumer confidence since 2007 in Europe and the political struggle that the European Union experiences to assert its political relevance on international issues such as the crises in Syria and in Crimea, many observers fear that voters’ participation will reach new low in the next European elections. Raphael Da Silva for Rue89 Strasbourg [7] blog notes [fr] [7] that in the 2009 European elections, 59.5% of French voters did not vote. [7]The Happy Voting Project claims to be an independent initiative that only aims to promote voting, specifically amongst the european youth. Over 12.9 thousand people have already been invited to participate via facebook. The idea is to collaboratively produce a remake of the original “Happy” clip and help buzz the release of the video. Here is the teaser of the Happy Voting video: 

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