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Obama's Visit to Saudi Arabia Shows Off King's Desert Retreat

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Although they did not discuss human rights, President Obama met with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia today during his visit to absolute monarchy. The visit gave Saudis a glimpse into the King's desert retreat after an American journalist tweeted photographs from Rawdat Khuraim.

On Twitter, reactions poured in throughout brief meeting.

Satirist Karl Sharro quips:

Saudi activist Tamador Alyami asks [ar]:

Question: Why are American women journalists allowed at Rawdat Khuraim (the king's desert retreat) while Saudi women journalists are banned?

And there was a challenge for Obama:

Journalist Kim Ghattas picks up the thread and asks:

In other news, Bayan notes:

And Carrie Budoff Brown tweeted away scenes Saudis were shielded from such as these:

A surprised Brown comments:

And Otaibi explains why: