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15 Free (or Very Cheap) Things to Do in Bogotá, Colombia

Written by Silvia Viñas On 28 March 2014 @ 13:14 pm | No Comments

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Bogotá and its price points tend to get a bad rap. This is a very valid point when you consider that the average monthly salary [1] in the city as of 2013 was just over 1 million pesos (about $500 at the current exchange rate), and that it has the biggest inequality gap [2]of any city in Colombia, with Estrato 6 (the wealthiest economic level) making 4.8 million pesos per month on average, nearly 14 times the average income of about 350,000 pesos for people in Estrato 1 (the poorest level).

In her blog A Year Without Peanut Butter, Natalie lists 15 of her “favorite free (or very cheap) activities and places in Bogotá,” [3] including free concerts in parks, public art exhibits, free museums, street performers, and the ciclovía [4] (on Sundays and holidays certain streets are closed to vehicles so that pedestrians and cyclists can use them) :

You can’t really get to know this town until you stroll one of the main streets when it’s packed with bikers, rollerbladers, skate punks, kids on tricycles, dogs lounging in baskets or trotting alongside their owners, juice vendors, roadside bike repairmen and just about everything else. All you need to enjoy Ciclovía is a pair of shoes, some water and a serious appreciation for the best people-watching in central Colombia.

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