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Brazilian Congress Approves Pioneering Bill of Rights for Internet Users

Written by Sara Moreira On 26 March 2014 @ 1:18 am | 1 Comment

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Marco Civil has finally been approved in the lower house of Brazil's Congress and next should be voted in Senate. The bill of rights for Internet users became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, following a large-scale campaign [1] that was promoted during the day of the vote, March 25, 2014, under the hashtags #MarcoCivil [2] and #EuQueroMarcoCivil [3] (I want Marco Civil).

The current version [4] [pdf] of the bill preserves the provisions of net neutrality, freedom of expression and users privacy.

Former Minister of Culture, and famous musician, Gilberto Gil, who gave a face to Avaaz's petition “For a free and democratic Internet [5]“, tweeted:  

We won! #MarcoCivil approved!! For a neutral web, freedom of expression and protection of privacy!

For Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web 25 years ago, this is “the best possible birthday gift for Brazilian and global Web users”. In a statement of support [8] released on the eve of the vote he said the approval of Marco Civil “will help to usher in a new era – one where citizens’ rights in every country around the world are protected by digital bills of rights”:

Like the Web, Marco Civil has been built by its users – the groundbreaking, inclusive and participatory process has resulted in a policy that balances the rights and responsibilities of the individuals, governments and corporations who use the Internet. (…)  ultimately the draft Bill reflects the Internet as it should be: an open, neutral and decentralized network, in which users are the engine for collaboration and innovation.

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