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‘The Subject': A New Crowdfunding Tool for Brazil's Independent Media

Categories: Latin America, Brazil, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Economics & Business, Media & Journalism, Technology

Aimed at providing an alternative to the traditional business model of media production, a new crowdfunding platform for independent journalism has been launched in Brazil. O Sujeito [1] (The Subject) [pt] is hosted [2] by the crowdfunding website Catarse, which wrote about the new venture [3] [pt] coming at a time of transition for media funding:

O veículo impresso está em crise. O jornalismo não. Assim como sempre haverá música e cinema, independentemente dos grandes produtores, o jornalismo é autônomo em relação aos grandes meios.

Print media is in crisis. Journalism is not. As there will always be music and cinema, regardless of major producers, journalism is autonomous in relation to the big media.

Four projects mark the debut of this new venture: a Free Journalism School [4] for youth; a documentary on Brazilian eco-villages [5]; a publication on how to improve the work environment [6]; and an investigation into people in Brazil who hold advertisement boards [7] on the side of the road.

You can follow @osujeito_ [8] on Twitter, “like” their Facebook page [9] and watch the teaser [10] below [pt]: