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Hungarian Far-Right Group Protests Against Fashion Designer

Written by Marietta Le On 22 March 2014 @ 21:46 pm | No Comments

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A group of far-right extremists occupied the exhibition opening of a Hungarian fashion designer on Friday, Kettős Mérce blog reported [1] [hu].

The designer in question Koby's new fashion line was first withdrawn [2] [hu] from a Hungarian sports brand shop in January 2014, after nationalist criticism rose against the t-shirt designs featuring some of Hungary's historical figures such as Lajos Kossuth [3], a leader of the Hungarian revolution of 1848. Photos of Koby's line of t-shirts can be found in a recent Funzine.hu article [4].

The public debate about Hungary's far-right groups and the far-right party Jobbik has become more tense as the 2014 elections approach, set for April 6. On March 15, the national holiday marking the 1848 revolution, a group of citizens dubbed “Vote against Jobbik [5]” held a protest [6] against-far right extremists in Hungary.

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