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Zapatista Textbook Now Available in English

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, Education, Language

Put on your thinking caps because the first of four Zapatista textbooks [1] from last year’s widely popular escuelita (little school) have been translated to English.

For those who are not yet familiar, the Zapatista Escuelita (Zapatista little school), brought 1630 students [2] from around the world to learn what it really means to be Zapatista. Contrary to what some might believe, there’s a lot more to the Zapatista than “smashing the state” or looking good doing it!

John Ahni Schertow writes about the first English translation of the Zapatista [3] textbooks in Intercontinental Cry, [4]where you can download the textbook and see the dates for the upcoming translations.

You can read more about the ‘escuelita’ in Upside Down World [2].