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Flipboard Adds Global Voices to Local Content Guides

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Flipboard Italian content guide

Italian users of Flipboard will find Global Voices listed prominently in the news section of recommended feeds.

Starting this month, Global Voices (in different languages) will be recommended to the millions of people who use an app called Flipboard [1] on their tablets and smartphones to create the experience of a “magazine” that combines their favorite media and social media content in one place.

For instance, Italian users will have Global Voices in Italian [2] suggested to them, and users of Flipboard in Brazil will have Global Voices in Portuguese [3] suggested to them. You can see what it looks like to browse through Global Voices in magazine format here [4].

Flipboard says Global Voices will initially be added to content guides for users in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Russia, Arabic.

Global Voices is currently available in more than 30 different languages thanks to the amazing volunteer editors and translators of our Lingua [5] project. Together, we work towards the goal of making local citizen media and stories from around the world reach a truly global audience. Join us!