14 March 2014

Stories from 14 March 2014

Khodorkovsky's Curious Trip to Ukraine

RuNet Echo  14 March 2014

Russian-Internet users have been intensely curious about Khodorkovsky's reasons for appearing in Kiev. Indeed, many online speculate that his visit could indicate plans to launch a career in politics.

Discussing Aid System with a Light Touch

  14 March 2014

This blog takes a satirical view of aid system in the world: Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like is an ongoing series of sometimes satirical, sometimes ironic, usually humorous (but sometimes dead serious), always honest vignettes of the humanitarian aid industry from the inside. Sometimes we want to complain about one...

2,715 schools to be Connected With Internet in Nairobi

  14 March 2014

2,715 schools in Nairobi, Kenya will soon be connected with free internet: Wanachi Group has signed a $3 million (approx. 270m) deal with the Nairobi county, to connect 2,715 schools in Nairobi with internet. The project was launched today and by June this year (yes, in 3 months), the pilot...

China's Crackdown on WeChat

  14 March 2014

Some popular public WeChat accounts were shut down on the night of March 13, 2014 without forewarning. Most of these accounts became a popular venue for discussing politics during the past few months since the big crackdown on Weibo last year.  These deleted accounts include highest profile WeChat account by...

North Korea: When It Will Collapse?

  14 March 2014

Although South Korea seems to be plugging unification with North Korea, experts are a little hesitant about projecting North Korea's imminent collapse. NKnews.org published a nice post on the chance of the dictatorial regime's disintegration, concluding that ‘Pyongyang's belated economic reforms make ‘middle-run’ scenarios more likely’.