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5 Important Points on Colombia's Parliamentary Elections

Categories: Latin America, Colombia, Elections

Bloggings by boz [1] lists 5 points on Colombia's parliamentary elections [2], which took place on March 9, 2014.

1) Though his coalition lost seats, President Santos keeps [3] a divided and fragile majority coalition in Congress. […]

2) Colombia's party system is divided and weak. No party received over 20% of the vote and the four top parties combined received less than 60%. […] 

3) For those trying to identify or map a left-right divide, Colombia is tough. […]

4) A good portion of Colombia's population is against the system as a whole. Voter turnout [4] was around 42%. […]

5) A more secure Colombia. The country did not face any major attacks or even significant threats during election day. It was a peaceful day of voting, a solid change from elections past and a sign of success and hope for the government's security policies (including the ongoing peace process). […]

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