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Mexicans are Pushing for the ‘Redemocratization’ of Democracy

Categories: Latin America, Mexico, International Relations, Politics
The Mexican population is not with Peña Nieto or the political class. Even the polls, which are generally most sympathetic to the president, accept that no one supports Peña Nieto. The political class seems to think it’s just because the economy hasn’t grown, but it goes far beyond that. Mexicans aren’t that easily fooled—it’s not a generalized apathy but instead a sense of disempowerment.

Peter Watt from the NACLA blog Mexico, Bewildered and Contested [1] interviewed professor John M. Ackerman (@JohnMAckerman [2]) about Mexico and U.S. relations, self-defense groups [3], the arrest of the Sinaloa cartel leader, El Chapo Guzmán [4], and more.