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Libre Graphics Magazine Dedicates Issue to Gender and Free Culture

Written by Sara Moreira On 8 March 2014 @ 12:22 pm | 3 Comments

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The print edition of [1]

The print edition of “Gendering F/LOSS” can be bought online. A pdf version can be downloaded for free at libregraphicsmag.com

Libre Graphics Magazine [1], “a print publication devoted to showcasing and promoting work created with Free/Libre Open Source Software” (F/LOSS), dedicates its latest issue to representation and gendered work in F/LOSS. 

Ginger Coons, a member of the editorial team, says the second issue in volume two of the magazine, titled “Gendering F/LOSS [2]”, “[steps] beyond the women-in-tech talk and [has] that larger gender discussion.” One example is the showcase of gendered work in craft:

(…) we seek to show work which overturns standard conceptions of what it is to do women's work or a man's job. In the following pages, images of computerized knitting, code-inspired embroidery and women infiltrating F/LOSS offer windows into sites of subversion, in which the gendered natures of crafts and tasks are blurred.

The magazine includes an interview with the founder of the Empowermentors Collective [3], “a new initiative for multiply-marginalized women and queers of colour interested in Free Software and Free Culture”, and many other bits and bytes on initiatives that allow for a better understanding of gender-related concepts and practices, such as the hackerspace Mothership HackerMoms [4] and The Geek Feminism Wiki [5], “a clearinghouse of concepts and discussions crucial to understanding and promoting issues of equality and representation.”


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