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Kuwait is Dancing and Happy

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Kuwait, Good News, Music

Kuwait is happy with its very own version of Pharrell's Happy music video. The video, above, which features contributions from more than 150 citizens and residents, is the brainchild of director Taibah AlQatami and is produced by film maker Mohammed Al Saeed.

According to @Loft965 [1]:

The intention was to reengineer Pharrell’s “Happy” song into an effective message locally by filming specified locations within the city as well as reintroducing “Free Kuwait” t-shirts which were worn during the Gulf War as people were demanding the liberation of their country. Today the youth are maintaining the atmosphere of liberation in spreading positivity and celebrating freedom of expression.

A US-led coalition liberated Kuwait in February 1991, after an eight-month Iraqi invasion.

On Twitter, Nasser AlQatami notes:

While Huda Aldakheel says: