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Macedonia's Strumica Carnival Continues 350-Year Tradition

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The Strumica Carnival took place in Macedonia from March 1-3, 2014. This traditional celebration [1] [mk] was first mentioned as early as 1670 by Ottoman travel writer Evliya Çelebi [2] and this year was featured by NBC News [3] in a report about twelve similar events around the world.

Members of a Strumica carnival group named "Recycled Baroque."  Photo: Vanco Dzambaski (CC BY-NC-SA) [4]

Members of a Strumica carnival group named “Recycled Baroque.” Photo: Vanco Dzambaski (CC BY-NC-SA)

Photo-activist Vanco Dzambaski shared his photo gallery [4] from this year's Carnival events on Flickr.