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Quran Desecration Sparks Trouble in Mauritania

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The Mauritanian capital Nouakchott witnessed violent clashes [1] [en] between security forces and an angry crowd. The story is that anonymous people tore up the Quran, the holy book of Islam, in one of the city's mosques. As a result of this confrontation, one person was killed [2] [en] various people were injured and traffic was blocked in many parts of Nouakchott. The clashes happened on March 3.

Commenting the incident, blogger Abbas Braham urged [3] his Facebook friends to be cautious and not fall in the trap of extremism (no matter what it is) [ar]:

حادثة “تدنيس”* المصاحف اليوم في العاصمة نواكشوط هي حالة تستدعي الانتباه والحذر. فلقد أصبح واضحاً أن التطرف القداسي والتطرف التدنيسي يغذيان بعضهما. وفي كل مرة نتعرض نحن في الوسط من المؤمنين باحترام المقدسات و/أو باحترام الحريات والحقوق لنيرانهما.

Today's  Koran”desecration”incident in the Capital Nouakchott is a case that raises concern and caution. It is now clear that both sacred extremism and desecration are feeding each another. And each time, it us — those are in the middle (when it comes to respecting sacredness and/or freedom and rights) — who the suffer the fires (lashes) from both parts.