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VIDEO: A “Waiting House” for Pregnant Women in Peru

Categories: Latin America, Peru, Good News, Health

This video report by Oscar Durand [1] and Elie Gardner [2] for The World originally appeared on PRI.org [3] on February 23, 2014 and is republished as part of a content sharing agreement.

In rural Peru, women are encouraged to spend their last weeks of pregnancy in special residential facilities that offer comfort and care. But the waiting remains difficult.

To prevent women from giving birth at home, where they face a higher risk of death, Peru has established a network of maternal “waiting houses.” These residential facilities host women from rural areas during their final weeks of pregnancy, so they can give birth in the presence of skilled attendants. Ana MarĂ­a Bolege, 21, has come to a waiting house in the Andean town of Ayacucho, three hours by road from her home.

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