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Venezuelan TV Station Didn't Air Oscars for the First Time in 39 Years

Written by Juan ArellanoTranslated by Elizabeth On 4 March 2014 @ 21:37 pm | No Comments

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Given the rumors that the Academy Awards Ceremony would include artists’ messages regarding the protests [6] in Venezuela, the event was not aired [7] [es] by Venevisión [8], the biggest television outlet in Venezuela which traditionally aired the ceremony.

The network informed on Twitter:

We want to inform that we don't have the rights to air the Academy Awards this year.

The reactions to the possibility that some artists might have sent a solidarity message with the protests went from jokes…

The world's most famous drug-addicts attack Venezuela today from the Academy Awards. Don't miss it.

…to gratitude.

Meanwhile, many creative memes on the matter appeared on the web.

It's worth noting that Venezuelans with cable TV were able [17] [es] to watch the Oscars.

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