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Chinese Journalists Launch Documentary Series: Chinese Word

Categories: East Asia, China, Arts & Culture, History, Media & Journalism, Politics

A group of Chinese journalists launched a new media production platform for history related content — the New History Cooperative (新历史合作社). Their products — including books, magazines, events and videos — are shared through the internet and through WeChat and Weibo. One of the latest projects is documentary series about 100 “Chinese words [1]” — terms like zheng shen, or “examination of one’s political record,” and jiating chushen, meaning someone’s “political pedigree”. 

According to China Media Project [2], many intellectuals find the project meaningful. Writer Hu Fayun said: “Chinese words are words particular to China, they are words that reveal how China’s unique character came to be.” This documentary series is an opportunity to reflect back on China's history and admonish many aspects of China's present political and social circumstances. Watch the video below about the project overview.