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Kazakhstan's Charyn Canyon

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Charyn Canyon. Image by Sergei, used with permission. [1]

Charyn Canyon. Image by Sergei Terekti, used with permission.

Sergei Terekti presents [1] [ru] a photo essay about his recent trip to Charyn Canyon [2], Kazakhstan's own smaller version of the Grand Canyon [3] in the United States:

The main canyon is about 150 kilometers long; the Charyn River crosses it. Multiple gorges, valleys, and smaller canyons surround the Charyn Canyon. One of the main [attractions] here is the Valley of Castles where rock formations have been crafted by water, wind, and soil erosion over millions of years. When you get to the Valley of Castles, you feel like you are at an architecture [exhibition] featuring masterpieces of biotech and neo-organic architecture of the past and present. Styles vary from Muslim shrines and minarets to Christian Orthodox cathedrals…