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GV Face: Beyond Gangnam Style – Censorship and Korean Pop Music

Categories: South Korea, Arts & Culture, Music, GV Face

It has been called South Korea's “greatest export.” PSY's K-pop song Gangnam style is the most watched video on YouTube.

But behind the glamorous facades and big paychecks, it's not all fun and romance until South Korea's censors have done their work.

Our managing editor Solana Larsen talks to our Korean language editor Yoo Eun Lee [1] on the growing popularity of K-pop worldwide.

Yoo Eun is also the creator of the website K-pop Decoder [2].

We ask her what she thinks makes K-pop special? What has the impact of K-pop been on culture, fashion and music in South Korea? And whether she thinks K-pop's global success would have been possible without social media and YouTube.

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