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“A Trip He Will Not Forget”: Russian Man Flies to Tajikistan By Mistake

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A Russian man was shocked today after finding himself in Tajikistan instead of southern Russia where he thought he arrived. The news about the passenger who got on a wrong flight has caused many people to laugh.

According to news agency Asia-Plus [1] [ru], Yevgeny Samoshkin was travelling from Yakutsk to a southern Russian city of Kurgan [2] via Moscow. At an airport in Moscow, the 19-year-old student bought a ticket to a wrong destination – the town of Kurgan-Tyube [3] in southern Tajikistan. Without double-checking his ticket, Samoshkin boarded the flight and arrived in Tajikistan. The interesting thing is that the young man did not realize he was in a foreign country before exiting the airport.

Fail: To Kurgan-Tyube instead of Kurgan http://t.co/QNjCVQE5FC [4]

Kurgan-Tyube instead of Kurgan? Seriously? Dude, what did you smoke before the flight?

Would've been fun if he came to senses when crossing the Afghan border [Kurgan-Tyube is not far from the frontier]

Our [man] was flying to Kurgan but fund himself in Tajikistan o_O XD. He is now the star of news reports in Yakutsk and throughout Russia :-D

A trip he will not forget http://t.co/MveTRLZO4A [13]