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Iran Watches Ukraine With Envy and Dismay

Written by Farid On 25 February 2014 @ 22:28 pm | 1 Comment

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Ukraine protests

Ukraine's protest, as covered by Iran's Farda News

Ukraine's protests [1] and change of power in Kiev were covered with enthusiasm in Iran's media. While Iranian officials saw a Western plot led by the United States and Europe, Iranians who once staged mass protests against their own regime were reminded of a revolution that eluded them.

Iran's minister of justice said [2] Ukraine can't be compared to Iran, but many Iranians draw parallels to Green Movement protests after the presidential election in 2009 [3].

Iranian blogger Abgosht writes [4] [fa] that there are several reasons why Ukraine (and Tunisia) where able to accomplish what Iranians failed to do:

The short and useful answer is that the red line for Ukraine's and Tunisia's [opposition] movement leaders was democracy, while the Iranian ones would maintain the regime's [establishment] framework… their people are not traitors, their police and security forces are good people, ours are thugs who believe national interests take priority over individual ones.

On Twitter, Sarah makes fun of the head of the Iranian military forces, Hassan Firoozabadi who said [5] that “Ukraine's revolution was escaping from independence toward dependency.”

She tweeted [6] [fa] quoting Iranian writer, Ebrahim Nabavi:

I don't know why Iranian officials, more than the citizens of Ukraine, Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon seem to be so preoccupied with these countries’ independence.

Free Democratic Iran tweeted [8], quoting a headline from the very conservative Iranian newspaper, Keyhan:

@_Cafe tweeted [11] with irony:

We are ahead of Ukraine. That's why I need anti-filtering software to be able to write these few words on the internet.

Nima Akbarpour tweeted [13] [fa]:

Ukraine's situation reminds me of Zapata's movie where the revolutionaries conquer power and then follow the same path.

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