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VIDEO: She's 7 Months Pregnant – And Still Working the Fields

Categories: South Asia, Nepal, Citizen Media

This video report by Sonia Narang [1] for The World originally appeared on PRI.org [2] on February 23, 2014 and is republished as part of a content sharing agreement.

Januka Rasaeli lives in a rural village in Nepal, where women do strenuous chores all day long. Heavily pregnant, she worries her work will put her baby at risk.

In recent years, Nepal has made a big push to improve the health of pregnant women, and the country has seen a drop in the number of women dying during childbirth. Yet expectant mothers often do backbreaking work that can harm their health and that of their unborn children. As she toils all day, Januka Rasaeli, 28, shares her hopes and fears.

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