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Tajikistan's Tastiest Blogs

Written by Mahina Shodizoda On 21 February 2014 @ 20:32 pm | 1 Comment

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Tajik plov. Image from vk.com/taomtj, used with permission. [1]

Tajik plov. Image from vk.com/taomtj, used with permission.

There are three blogs in Tajikistan that are a must read for anyone interested in Tajik cuisine.

Tajik Restaurant [2] [Tarabkhonai Tojiki] [tj] shares cook-it-yourself videos and recipes of popular Tajik dishes. Suhailo's Cooking Diary [3] [Daftari pukhtu-pazhoi Suhailo] [tj] teaches its readers to bake pastries popular in the country. Finally, Osh Khona [4] [ru] offers detailed reviews of the best places to eat plov [5] in Tajikistan. 

There is also the Tajikistan Cuisine [6] [Taomhoi millii Tojikiston] [ru] public page on VKontakte, where hundreds of users share yummy recipes, pictures, and videos.

Warning: when you access these sources, be prepared to see much, much meat as Tajik cuisine is not for vegetarians [7].

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