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Citizen Journalists, Apply for Free Live Video Streaming

Categories: Citizen Media, Media & Journalism


The live video streaming platform Ustream is offering citizen journalists the opportunity to apply for free pro accounts and publicity [1] for any innovative use of video for breaking news, activism, and social good.

Ustream has recently supported three live channels broadcasting from Ukraine's #EuroMaidan protests [2], including the popular channel Spilno.tv [3].

“We created Ustream for Change to recognize the efforts of these inspiring citizen broadcasters, and we hope to encourage others to think beyond four walls and harness the power of live video,” says Brad Hunstable, Ustream’s CEO and founder.

“Ustream is an enthusiastic supporter of Internet freedom, stable societies, and emerging democracies. Our technology offers a means of achieving transparency on both sides of the camera, and we fully intend to support those who are leading movements for positive change,” he says.