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PHOTOS: Venezuelans Abroad Show Support for Protests

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Thousands of Venezuelans that now live outside of their home country have organised demonstrations to support the actions on the streets [1] in the South American country. The images of these gatherings have been shared widely on social networks.

On Facebook the page SOS Venezuela [2] [es] collects a large number of photos, which are also published with the tags #iamyourvoicevenezuela [3] #SOSVenezuela [4] and #PrayForVenezuela [5] on Twitter and Instagram.

My cousin sent me this photos of Venezuelans and foreigners protesting today in Malta.

Some Venezuelans abroad took advantage of the protests to deliver documents to international organisations or to the Parliaments of the countries where they live. This was the case with a group of citizens who demonstrated in The Hague.

Venezuelans in The Hague, Holland. We presented a document to Parliament. We denounced human rights violations in Venezuela

Gaby Silva [13] published a video on Instagram [14] [es] of the demonstration by a group of Venezuelans in Madrid. The video shows citizens calling for justice, peace and dialogue.

The newspaper TalCual [15] [es] shared a photo of protestors in Times Square in New York City.

PROTESTS IN NEW YORK. Hundreds of Venezuelans protested in Times Square.

There were even demonstrations in Australia:

Venezuelans in Sydney show their solidarity with the student marches

Meanwhile, in Venezuela the opposition leader Leopoldo López [22] turned himself in [23] to the authorities and President Nicolás Maduro assured [24] that he will faces charges of sedition and “unawareness of the Constitution”.