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Venezuelan Opposition Leader Leopoldo López Turns Himself in Amid Mass Demonstration

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Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has turned himself in [1] to the National Guard forces, as he announced he would in the video [2] [es] above.

López, the leader of the Voluntad Popular [3] party, had an arrest warrant that was issued against him by a court in Caracas for allegedly being responsible [4]for crimes related to the protests [5] taking place in Venezuela.    

The massive demonstration where López turned himself in on February 18 was peaceful, with his followers shouting out  [6][es] refrains supporting him. The following tweet contains a photo compilation of the demonstration and of López turning himself in to authorities in Caracas: 

Venezuela- February 18 demonstration

This video [10] [es] captured the moment López handed himself in: 

And in this video [11] [es] you can hear López addressing the crowd of protesters from the police armored car that would take him to the Venezuelan Public Prosecutor's Office.

Up until the moment that the Spanish version of this post was written, people were still on the streets protesting [12][es].