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SmartNomination, a Counter to the Binge Drinking Game Neknomination

Categories: Western Europe, France, Arts & Culture, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Good News, Ideas

The online drinking game Neknomination [1] that promotes binge drinking for teenagers has outraged many people around the world. Neknomination asks participants to film themselves drinking an alcoholic beverage in one gulp, upload the footage to the web and nominate others to do the same. Julien Voinson, a young frenchman from Bordeaux, decided to counter the drinking game with a more positive initiative called SmartNomination [2] [fr]. The idea is to film oneself doing charity work and then nominate a friend to do the same. Created on February 12, the facebook page [2] has already close to 9,000 likes. In the following video,  Voinson explains the details of his project  [fr]: