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Collecting Data About Possible Web Censorship in Venezuela

Categories: Latin America, Venezuela, Breaking News, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Technology

Marianne Díaz [1], lawyer, digital activist and Global Voices Advocacy [2]author, has been making constant appeals from her Twitter account [3]asking users to collaborate on collecting data related to access to some websites and online platforms from Internet service providers in Venezuela, due to growing reports of partial or total blockage of online content and services.

Do you have some free time? Help me test if the websites on this list are accessible where you are located.

Marianne believes that putting together this kind of information is very important in the current climate in Venezuela. After three people died [6] in protests on February 12, demonstrations and clashes between protesters and security forces have continued across the country [7]. Marianne states that “data is evidence, and evidence resists more than opinion.”