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St. Lucian Chef Nina Compton Still the People's Champ

Written by Matthew Hunte On 14 February 2014 @ 16:30 pm | No Comments

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Saint Lucian chef Nina Compton [1], daughter of the late Prime Minister John Compton, was recently the runner-up for the 11th season of the cooking reality show [2]Top Chef [3]. Nicholas Elmi [4] eventually won, but Compton's participation on the show was a major topic of discussion on social media, particularly in the online group Saint Lucians Aiming for Progress [5].

The group organized a public screening of the Top Chef finale at the Derek Walcott Square [6] in the middle of the island's capital [7]. Many observers were surprised that Compton was not named the winner, but she did manage to clinch the “Fan Favorite” award [8] and the US $10,000 prize that went along with it – an indication of the high level of online support she received. After the show, Compton was named a “culinary ambassador” [9]by Saint Lucia's Minister of Tourism, Lorne Theophilus.

Compton received massive support over Twitter via the hashtags #TeamNina [10], #TeamGreenFigAndSaltFish [11], #Team758 [12] and #NinaNation [13]. Some users of the microblogging service voiced their displeasure with her second place finish, but most were more concerned about congratulating her on her success:

One Twitter user sardonically suggested that Compton could have won she had used his suggestion:

Trinidadian fashion designer Anya Ayoung-Chee, who won the fashion competition Project Runway in 2011 [21], also tweeted her support for Compton:

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