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e-Booklets for Syrian Activists

Written by Amira Al Hussaini On 11 February 2014 @ 19:24 pm | 1 Comment

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Syrian activists are now able to access an online archive which lists tactics for resisting tyranny and peaceful ways to revolt.

Dawlaty [1], an NGO whose name translates to My State from Arabic, provides a series of e-booklets [2]which [ar]:

محاولة لتقديم بعض الأساليب والتكتيكات التي استخدمها وما زال يستخدمها نشطاء سوريا في كفاحهم السلمي.
حاولنا قدر الامكان أرشفة هذه التحركات لتقديمها للسوريين وغيرهم على شكل دليل للحراك الثوري في سوريا.
لربما يلهم هذا الكتيب البعض على إنتاج المزيد من تجارب الأرشفة للحراك السلمي في سوريا ويزود الناشطات والناشطين بأساليب خلاقة في كفاحهم ضد الطغيان.

attempt to provide a number of methods and tactics which were used and are still being used by activists in Syria as part of their peaceful resistance.
We have tried, as much as possible, to archive these movements to present them to Syrians and others, as a guide to the revolutionary movement in Syria.
This series may perhaps inspire some of you to produce more archives for the peaceful movement in Syria, which will provide activists with creative methods to resist tyranny.

Already on the site are Tactics for Revolutionary Activism in Syria [3] [ar] and Transitional Justice in Syria [4] [ar] (this booklet is available in English [4]), among others.

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[4] Transitional Justice in Syria: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByiEQlM67EVEUG5tMEllT21ZZU0/edit?usp=sharing

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