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An Info-Activism Tool-Kit on Women's Rights Campaigning

Categories: South Asia, Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nepal, Citizen Media, Development, Digital Activism, Education, Human Rights, Women & Gender
Tacticaal Tech's Info-activism Toolkit on Women's Rights Campaigning [1]

Tactical Tech's Info-activism Toolkit on Women's Rights Campaigning

The Women's Rights Campaigning: Info-Activism Toolkit [1] by Tactical Technology Collective [2] is a new guide for women's rights activists, advocates, NGOs and community based organizations who want to use technology tools and practices in their campaigning. This has been developed in collaboration with advocacy organizations from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Kenya and Egypt.

This Toolkit has been customized from an updated version of two earlier toolkits: Message in a Box [3] and Mobiles in a Box [4]. The website will soon be translated into Arabic, Swahili, Bengali, and Hindi.