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Snow in Iran: 500,000 Without Electricity, Gas and Water

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Snow in Mazandaran. Source: Mehr. Photographer: Pejman Marzi.

Snow in Mazandaran. Source: Mehr News Agency. Photographer: Pejman Marzi.

500,000 people are reportedly trapped in villages without electricity, gas or water [1] after a massive snow storm this weekend in Iran's northern provinces, Gilan [2] and Mazandaran [3].

One local official called it the heaviest snowfall in 50 years [4]. Thousands have been rescued and taken to emergency shelters or hospitalized.

ZA1-1RA tweeted [5]:

I do not worry about my family, they have rice in reserve for months.

Farshad Faryabi tweeted [9]:

Swedish Foreign Minister, Carl Blidt, [who is on a trip in Iran] won't go back to Sweden now because there is more snow in Iran.

Soheila Sadegh tweeted [14]:

A school was destroyed in Gilan under heavy snow.

Maysam Bizar tweeted [25]:

The price for bottled water rose four times during snowing days. If we do not have pity for ourselves, what we do we expect of enemies?

Mozdeh A tweeted [28]:

What is a blessing for others, is a curse for us.

Saham Borghani shared [30] a photo last month (January 10) of tea and snow.