Korean Comfort Women Issue Explained by Cartoon

A special exhibition on ‘comfort women‘- Korean girls forced to work as sex slaves for Japanese army during the World War 2 era- was featured at one of the leading cartoon festivals in France. It made several headlines as the Japanese government tried to block it, but failed. Korean net users have shared an English translation of Park Gun-woong's cartoon ‘Tattoo- A Story of a Comfort Woman’. (The cartoon- which is based on a true story- depicts violent assault, torture and rape. Viewer discretion is strongly advised) 


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  • Heidi

    So incredible how Koreans grab and make use of any and every opportunity for their political propaganda, spoiling and dirtying the world along their paths.

    • Bruce Laird

      Did you not see the photos of the women at the end of the comic? It’s not propaganda this happened and has happened in many wars for hundreds of years. It always shocks me how ignorant people can be.

      • How_delightful

        Occasional Rape of an enemy; for Hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution.

        The alternative, `being nice` to your enemy.

        Now many women rent themselves out with twisted pride.

    • Luc Dunn

      This is like saying the holocaust is Jewish propaganda. What happened to the Korean people under japanese rule was terrible.

      • How_delightful

        Yeah; and all Jews & Korans are nicey nicey.

        A lot of terrible things are happening TODAY by Israelis crippling people in Palestine; lets see you comment about CURRENT matters with the same invective.

        • Harley

          Yeah. Not all Koreans and Jews are all nice, and she/he did not say that they are all nice.
          And yes. Not all Koreans WERE all nice. There were Koreans who served Japan, and they are currently the 1st party of Korea. They are doing horrible job, and Koreans hate them.
          Korean=victims? no, that’s not how it works. There are Koreans WHO ARE victims. Do the Koreans who supported Japan has to get apologize just because they are Koreans. That is stupid. They are not victims.
          There are many women who wants to be raped? Are you kidding me? You mean women who wants to work on pornographies or in the men’s club (I don’t want to say prostitutes because it feels like I am letting them down)? That’s not rape. Are you saying ‘comfort women’ wanted to get raped? You know what rape is? Rape is having sex without an agreement, or forcing them to have sex. If both of the partner LIKE to have sex or have surprise sex, that’s not rape. Rape doesn’t equal to surprise sex.

          • Crippled by UK State goons

            As a rule, if there is no blood under the fingernails (or between the teeth), then its unlikely to be rape. That said, gang-rape in war is also a terrible thing (and yet many women did rent themselves out to `enemy` soldiers from the UK to France to Korea & beyond). Just like in the more recent Korean war (where North and south Korean soldiers committed more recent sex assaults/attacks than any WW2 soldier who thought he might die a virgin [so, “whats to lose” they might have thought]).
            And, yes, I agree rape should be punished; but, you need evidence, not stories: and as for WW2, you need to accept it was dealt with under post-war agreements.
            We live in a world of injustice, and being at the end of the line for retribution is something that only faith & patience can fix, probably.

    • Leslie M

      Please, think before you speak. Can’t believe how brave and “IGNORANT” your are.

    • Leslie M

      So once you get raped and used as a sex slave, see how it feels like when people are pointing at you saying that it’s all your political trick and your attempt to spread your political “PROPAGANDA.” People like you make our world dirty and disgusting covering all the unjust deeds under political manipulation. I’m glad Japan couldn’t get their way out to France to hide their cruelty. Is it that much hard to admit their own faults? Hard to believe how they pretend nothing happened and blink their eyes like dumbs. Everybody can see everything.

      Besides, they are polluting the ocean by letting out radioactive wastes like “we could not but do it. Oh, that’s an accident!” Ha! That’s what they have done, in the past and present. Shame on Japan.

    • Xres625e

      I’d gladly splatter your brains out with a shotgun, and then proceed to rip your intenstines out. scum. hope you get killed in the quakes.

    • How_delightful

      While they were doing so, their children were allowed to drown; due to such failure to concentrate on more important contemporary matters.

  • sofia

    comfort women needs justice. they suffer. beyond the monstrousness act wicked japanese soldiers cruelties during world war 2 not only Korea, Philippine and others countries. Japanese government has responsibility and do not ignore this issues eventhough therr is political manipulitaion involved

    • shimose

      They were not sex slaves, but prostitues. You should investigate the truth how (South) Korea is making a propaganda to neglect another country. They are not North Korea, but essentially act the same.

    • Evilpandaa

      You’d better to understand Korean position was near to Austrian. Generally speaking, Korean stood totally Japanese side at that time. Things you are talking is not such simple thing, but a lot more complicated. You’d better to know how S.Korean government teach their history to own people. Full of lies.Funny ,up to 2010 there were not liberty to publish school history text excluding only governmental. Peoples ignorance demonstrate new age racism leaded by so called woman lib’/liberal journalists with malicious will.
      Talking about after war compensation, already finished between Japan-Korea. Korean government fooled own people not distributing money took from Japan.

    • How_delightful

      Yeah; meanwhile; `Western pilots` who killed millions of children in firebombing from Hamburg to Tokyo were given medals and cheered in the streets by people such as you who are blind to their own crimes.

  • Al Murphy

    This is sick and aimed at only scoring political points and not really about the victims suffering. If Koreans principly believe in their suffering, why are sex slaves currently living in Korea that aren’t Koreans…Russians, Filipinos and so on. I saw a documentary on this where the Korean Sex Salve masters lure foreign girls and
    then take away their passports! This is such a hipocrocy!!

    • Al Murphy


    • shimose

      You are right. They were not sex slaves. Many evidences in US report showed that they were professional prostitutes who earned a lot of salary. The amount of salary they made were huge. Many of them even bought houses. Only few of them were victims, but they were actually sold by their own Korean parents via Korean agencies.
      Korea has been threatning Japan with fake story, and trying to discredit of Japan’s reputation. Japan has been quiet till recently because they consider fighting back causes more problem, but they now realized that Korea stepped boarder. Majority of Japanese people are now very mad at Korea’s evil attitudes. They are a group of liars.

      • Xres625e

        I’d gladly murder you by ripping your jugular vein out.

        • How_delightful

          Chimpanzees would have died out in an extinction event anyway.

          You know about women`s rape fantasies with soldiers who have money and food in countries with no welfare and where hungry women are who want meat?

      • Xres625e

        too bad you weren’t killed in the quakes.

        • How_delightful

          You know about women`s rape fantasies with soldiers who have money and food in countries with no welfare and where hungry women are who want meat?

      • Al Murphy

        The way you are overwhelming this forum with your comment is DEAD WRONG! You have no respect for others and so I know you
        don’t give a DAMN about others suffering! Don’t flood this place with your garbage anymore!

        • How_delightful

          Suffering is bad (throughout history since the dinosaurs [did dinosaurs suffer?]); but tons of people suffer TODAY because of the ignorance &/or crimes of your country and its current policies; no doubt. The same goes for many countries today (just look at the crimes in Africa TODAY you are doing sweet FA about)

          Learn to prioritize your education, & that of others.

      • ERICA PARK

        I am sorry but what do you know about this? Prostitutes you say? Would prostitutes have scars and burnt marks on their body? Would prostitutes get a forceful abortion and unwillingly lose their ability to reproduce? There are hundreds of sources that tell us what really happened, records of the JAPANESE militaries that wrote down the result of their barbaric surgery and torture toward the Korean people. The Japanese wrote it with their own hands and they are simply denying it. Would Korean women really be protesting for tens of years just to ruin Japan’s reputation? Like you said, America have records of how the Koreans were treated. What you commented is just like saying the Jews are are liars after what happened during the World War. South Korean women are VICTIMS. Try changing the situation. You are a women in your 80s and every night, you can imagine how the Japanese raped and tortured you. You don’t know when you are suddenly going to die in your bed and yet you don’t see anything done to the Japanese people that ruined your childhood dream. Would you be happy?

  • shimose

    First of all, Korea was very primitive country. People were living under untreated feces. Japan gave a lot of support in order for them to be civilized. Comfort women is now being revealed just as prostitues. They earned a lot of salary and had a freedom. All evidences tell that emotional voice by those women are fake. Truth is that Korea never appreciates Japan, but they keep begging money to Japan in many different manner.
    Japan has been quiet even though they are innosence simply because they consider to debate back is not matured behavior. But now Korea has stepped over the border. Majority of Japanese people are no longer quiet. They realized how sick Korean people are.

  • shimose

    It is very sad that many people from many countries are cheated by Korean’s national lie.
    Japanese people are really impressed in negative meaning how sneaky Korea could expands their propaganda. It was the issue of prostitutes and brothel. Kidnapped and abused Korean girls were actually sold girls by their own parents in exchange for money. Some were kidnapped by illegal Korean agencies. This means Korean people did bad things to their own people, but not Japanese !!!!

    There exist a lot of written documents and even photos ( those prostitutes with diamond / money / enjoying shopping / transfering money to their parents.) How could Korean government alter this event and officially annouce to the world.

    How could France accept this fake story in cartoon festival. This festival was destroyed completely by desicion of French management.

  • shimose

    Korea has been helped by Japan during their short history since their country is established. But instead of appreciation, they keep demanding Japan for more money all the time. Now majority of Japanese people can no longer stand. They have been quiet even if they have been accused in spite of innocence, but not any more. Korean people in USA are now insulting even Japanese kids for old prostitutes isssue. Firstly it is political problem, not children’s problem.

    Korean people have a nationally mental problem.
    If you read “Hwabyeong” in Wikipedia, you will understand. They have a mental problem that they cannot control. They lie and act as monsters.

    Korea has stolenTakeshima (twin island) in Sea of Japan after violating the boarder and killing many Japanese fishermen. Now they insist that Takeshima belongs to Korea as Dokuto. (There has been no such an island).

    And now they are demanding to change the name of “Sea of Japan” . Simply because Takeshima exists in Sea of Japan. This is all the reason that they are asking to change the name.

    You Americans, don’t you think that you are Interferencing the domestic affairs between Japan and Korea?
    Many of you who is blaming Japan do not know anything about the truth.

  • shimose

    Check “Hwabyeong” in Wikipedia.
    Korean people have domestically mental problem.
    You can easily understand through a reaction by jamesmica493 with criminal threatning words.
    When Korean people are told logically, they just go nuts.
    Don’t you American people Japan pitty simply because Japan is surrounded by mentally ill country? Criminal North Korea and South Korea plus China.
    It is said that negative campaign is financially supported by Chinese money. Korea’s economy is running out. You can understand who is paying money to support their negative campaign.

  • shimose

    The U.S. Miltary official document“Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49.” exclusively and vividly shows how well comfort women were treated. They were simply not sex slaves.
    It says ” A “comfort girl” is nothing more than a prostitute or “professional camp follower” attached to the Japanese Armyu for the benefit of the soldiers.
    Above evidence is truth. Everyone can google search and find the reality.
    Reporters from all Mass-Media should check this fact before negligating Japan.

  • shimose

    Comfort Women earned high salaries

    A Korean comfort woman named Moon Ok-ju, a former prostitute who worked in Burma, visited the Shimonoseki Post Office in Japan to withdraw her savings, and found out her original ledger was discovered and confirmed.(Note: In Japan, the Japanese Post Office has several banking functions.)
    She worked in Burma during the period of two years and three months between June 1943 and September 1945, and accumulated a total savings of 26,145 yen in deposits at the military post office. In the 1940s, 5000 yen would have been enough to purchased a house in Tokyo.

    This fact and a lot more are available as history evidence in USA.

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