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Landfill Smoke Continues To Hold Trinidad's Capital Hostage

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For the fourth consecutive day, residents, visitors and people who work in Trinidad & Tobago's capital city have had to endure the thick, black, ominous smoke which has enveloped the city [1].

Talk of the situation has dominated social media, with netizens quickly losing tolerance for the seemingly slow response by authorities:

  Others were more concerned by the potential health hazards of the thick smoke:

Many high school students chimed in on the issue with comments about the closure of schools throughout the capital city. Some were happy for the unplanned holiday:

Others were not impressed:

Government officials also took to social media to address the issue. Minister of Legal Affairs, Prakash Ramadhar [29] tweeted:

Meanwhile, officials at the Environment Management Authority [31] posted:

It remains to be seen what definitive action will be taken by the authorities.

You can monitor how the situation develops on Twitter by using the hashtag #Beetham [33].

The thumbnail image in this post is by Mark Franco, used with permission.