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Circumstances Surrounding Aspiring Trinidadian Rapper's Death Still Murky

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On January 27th at approximately 3:20 a.m., nineteen-year-old Trinidadian Titan Lee-Hai fell fifteen floors to his death from his dormitory building in New York's East Village. Lee-Hai was a former student of St. Mary's College [1] in Port of Spain [2] and was a freshman at New York University [3]. He was also an aspiring rapper [4] who went by the name “Trizzykidd” [5]. According to police reports [6], Lee-Hai may have been under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms before the incident; investigations are continuing.


Titan Lee-Hai had a very active social media presence (although, since his death, his Facebook [7] fan page has been taken down) and there was a great outpouring of grief upon news of his passing, even from those who did not know him or his family personally. An R.I.P. Titan Lee-Hai Facebook page [8] was created, and it was there that many offered their online condolences:

Paul Thomas [9] wrote:

All the love I can muster to his parents and family. So sorry, so very sorry. Nothing we can do or say will bring him back. Please know that you are not alone in your heartache and pain. May God provide you peace over time.

Wendy Cadogan Charles  [10] added:

It is so sad to see someone with such great aspiration to greatness loses their life, Titan Lee-Hai I do not know you but I am also from Trinidad but live in the UK, your untimely passing has sadden (sic) me…God do not make mistakes, he has better plans for your gifted talents…Fly high and may your soul R.I.P.

The National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology [11] in Trinidad & Tobago tweeted its condolences; Lee-Hai had participated in one of its competitions:

Others also expressed their grief via Twitter:

One of Lee-Hai's former classmates from St. Mary's College [1] reminisced on their time together:

A few Twitter users spoke to the questions surrounding the circumstances of Lee-Hai's death: