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South Korea: ‘Less is More’, Net Users Turn Sour on Typical Movie Poster

Written by Lee Yoo Eun On 28 January 2014 @ 22:00 pm | 1 Comment

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French Poster Image of Movie 'Frozen'. Fair Use Image

French Poster Image of Movie ‘Frozen’. Fair Use Image

A massive Disney hit movie, Frozen is rapidly gaining traction also in South Korea. However, more young Koreans are turning sour on typical Korean-style movie poster, which has long been criticized for being either too confusing or overly interrupted [1] [ko] by extra-bold text dropping names or media/net users’ reviews ridden with cliche [2] [ko]. One net user from the TodayHumor site compared different versions [3] [ko] of Frozen poster (allegedly tailored for audiences in US, France, Japan, China and Korea) and Koreans exchanged heated discussions on what has made Korean movie distributors select such cluttered posters as one can see below. (In comparison, on the left is the poster released in France which has been lauded by many net users for its artistic simplicity) 

Three Korean Poster Images of Movie 'Frozen'. Fair Use Image

Three Korean Poster Images of Movie ‘Frozen’. Fair Use Image


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