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What is Happening in South Sudan?

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, South Sudan, Media & Journalism, Politics, War & Conflict

Rachel Hamada asks, “What is happening in South Sudan?”: [1]

Much blood has been spilt across South Sudan in the last weeks. But no ink has been spilt yet in Addis Ababa. Talks are still taking place amongst South Sudan’s proxy powerbrokers and officials, who have moved around the city as discussions have dragged on with no concrete resolution, just a supposed agreement with no signatures.

She also discusses why the voices of South Sudanese journalists are not heard:

In the meantime, it’s important to look at WHY South Sudanese journalists’ voices are not getting out there.

Imagine you’re a South Sudanese journalist. Due to historic events and capacity, formal journalism training is still relatively rare. So you’re playing catch-up on that front. Next up, resources. Foreign journalists have expenses, they have transport, they have good equipment. Local journalists often don’t have access to all of these resources.