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New Year's Eve is Past but Debates Continue in Tajikistan

Categories: Central Asia & Caucasus, Tajikistan, Arts & Culture, Citizen Media

Although the New Year's Eve is past, social media users in Tajikistan continue debating over the appropriateness of the holiday which many Tajiks see as a remnant of the “alien” Russian culture. On NewEurasia.net, Loki suggests [1] that the very discussion about whether the New Year's Eve should or should not be celebrated has in itself become an annual “tradition” in Tajikistan. 

Tajikistan became independent 22 years ago. Since then, Islam has come to play a much more important role in the everyday life of Tajikistani society, and there has been a greater emphasis on the “national” cultural heritage. Yet the continuing disputes about holidays (both old [2] and new [3]), monuments [4], and national symbols [5] demonstrate that there is still little agreement in society about what it means to be “Tajik” and what role religion has to play in the country.