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How the Vietnamese are Using Facebook Pages

Categories: East Asia, Vietnam, Citizen Media

Despite being regularly blocked by the government, Facebook continues to grow in terms of users in Vietnam. Patrick Sharbaugh of Vietmeme explains [1] how Vietnamese are maximizing Facebook pages:

…they don’t use it only for posting personal information, but often for creating temporary civil society communities and advocating for pet causes.

A Facebook page will pop up one day decrying a low-level government official or a crazy new traffic law or calling for signatures on a petition to advocate for some person or cause. And people will post scores of remixed photos and images and manga that subtly mock the issue or ridicule the person in a way that requires razor-sharp pop-culture sensibilities to understand, and the page will collect a few thousand Likes. And then, two or three weeks later, it’ll be gone. They made their point, and nobody wants to get too carried away.

The quote is from an interview conducted by Ben Valentine of The Civic Beat Reader