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European Citizens Call for the Protection of Media Pluralism

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For updates follow @MediaECI on Twitter and 'like' the Facebook page European Initiative for Media Pluralism. [1]

Website: MediaInitiative.eu [1]. For updates follow @MediaECI [2] on Twitter and ‘like’ the Facebook page European Initiative for Media Pluralism [3].

“European institutions should safeguard the right to free, independent and pluralistic information”. The quote, from the Media Initiative [1] website, summarizes the main idea behind a pan-European campaign that aims at urging the European Commission to draft a Directive to protect Media Pluralism and Press Freedom.

The Media Initiative [1] is running a European Citizens’ Initiative [4] – a tool of participatory democracy “which allows civil society coalitions to collect online and offline one million signatures in at least 7 EU member states to present directly to the European Commission a proposal forming the base of an EU Directive, initiating a legislative process”. The petition is available in 15 languages and can be signed online [5]:

Protecting media pluralism through partial harmonization of national rules on media ownership and transparency, conflicts of interest with political office and independence of media supervisory bodies.

A short video presents the campaign: