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Egyptian Blogger Nawara Negm Calls it Quits

Written by Amira Al Hussaini On 18 January 2014 @ 9:54 am | 1 Comment

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Outspoken Egyptian blogger Nawara Negm is taking a break from blogging politics.

On her blog, Tahyyes, she writes a long post explaining her position [1] [ar]:

انا مش لاقية طرف مش متعاص كاكا… حتى اللي عاملين ثوار واصحاب مبادئ… طبعا مش لانهم عملا وجواسيس، بس لانهم متلخبطين، والواحد لما يتلخبط يعتزل… زي ما انا قررت اعتزل كده، لان فعلا المشهد مربك

I don't see a single faction not covered with shit… even those who pretend they are revolutionaries and people with principles … of course not because they are agents and spies but because they are confused and when a person is this confused, he needs to retire, just as I have decided to retire and this scene is really confusing

Negm, daughter of revolutionary poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, is a journalist and activist in her own right and was a spokesperson for the revolutionaries at Tahrir Square. On Twitter [2], she commands 629,000 followers.

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